The Woodward News

September 12, 2013

United Fund event scheduled

Rowynn Ricks
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — The United Fund of Woodward will be holding a baked potato and chili supper at the Woodward Senior Center on Tuesday, Sept. 17.

The dinner serves as one of the fundraisers for this year's United Fund Drive, which seeks to raise a total of $137,500 to support 10 local charitable agencies.

“Even at that goal we're not able to fund all the agencies at 100 percent of what they request,” Drive Chair Michelle Murray said. “But if we raise more than that then we can. And that's what all these mini-fundraisers are about, trying to collect as much as we can so that we are able to fund those agencies.”

As part of Tuesday's dinner, people can enjoy either a bowl of chili or a chili-covered baked potato and desert for a $5 donation.

“For desert, it's neat because the Girl Scouts are donating some of their cookies to mix with ice cream,” Murray said.

And for those with an extra sweet tooth, Murray said there will also be a bake sale held in conjunction with the dinner.

“All the items in the bake sale are supposed to be homemade,” she said, noting the baked goods are being provided by United Fund board members and representatives from some of the United Fund supported agencies.

In particular, she said Tuesday's dinner and bake sale is being sponsored by the Woodward Senior Center, Panhandle Nutrition Service, Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma, High Plains Outreach Center and Legal Aid of Northwest Oklahoma.

Besides providing baked goods for the sale, representatives from these 5 agencies will be on hand during the dinner to help answer any questions that the public may have about their organizations or how the United Fund helps their organizations.

Murray invited community members to take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy an inexpensive meal while giving back to local agencies.

“It's going to be really good food; a chance to come out and enjoy people in the community that you may not always get to see; and a great opportunity to learn more about the agencies we're helping,” she said. “Plus it's good value for the money. Think about it, where can you go eat for $5 anymore?”

Tickets for the dinner may be purchased from any United Fund board member or any of the 10 United Fund supported agencies, Murray said. Or people can pay at the door, she said.

“But if they buy their ticket in advance then if they miss the Senior Center meal then they can use the ticket to go to another fundraiser meal at Kid's Inc. on Oct. 10 where we will serve chili and chicken and noodles and have a silent auction,” Murray said.