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July 24, 2012

Commission approves utility requests

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward County commissioners approved several utility permits under new business during their regular Monday meeting.

One request was a permit from Pioneer Cellular to put a fiber optic cable in Section 29-T23N-R21W. Vernie Matt, District 3 commissioner, said the area was located by the CF Industries plant.

Several other utility permits came from DCP Pipelines to bore under county roads for natural gas pipelines.

Claire Cunningham, permitting agent for DCP, said there would be 9 crossings of Woodward County roadways for these permits. The area they would be working on would stretch from the Blaine County line up to the DCP Mooreland station she said.

Cunningham said all the land had already been purchased for the section of the pipeline they will be working on but she did have a few questions.

Looking at the map, Cunningham saw a road going through Section 15-T22N-R17W, east of Mooreland, and asked if it was a county road.  

After looking at several maps, commissioners concluded that it was not a county road but rather a lease road. Ted Craighead, District 2 commissioner, said it was probably some kind of an oil field road.

With the countywide burn ban in effect, Cunningham also asked if there were any precautions the board would suggest aside from those already in place. She said while welding the pipeline DCP blades the ground beforehand so there is no vegetation that will catch fire, they have a firewatch, water tankers on site and do not weld when the wind is over 20 miles per hour.

"You're pretty well covered," Matt said.

The last question Cunningham had was about an application requirement for concrete caps on the pipelines. Instead of having a concrete truck on site, she asked if they could use pre-made caps.

Cunningham said they center the cap in the lowest point of the ditch and place it a minimum of 4 feet under the lowest elevation of the ditch and it expands 3 feet on each side from the center point.

"I think a 6 by 4 by 6 would be very sufficient," Matt said, approving of the pre-made caps.

Agenda items approved by the board included the county cash fund estimate of needs and request for appropriations for July amounting to $309,604.83 and blanket purchase orders.

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