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April 16, 2013

Pipeline company to hold disaster drill

Woodward, Okla. — A natural gas pipeline company will be conducting an emergency response drill in Mooreland on Wednesday morning.

TransCanada’s ANR Pipeline Company will conduct a joint emergency exercise drill with local emergency management officials and first responders in the Woodward and Mooreland area on Wednesday, April 17, to test response procedures in the event a natural disaster impacts the company’s natural gas pipeline operations.

The drill will explore a scenario simulating F3 tornado damage to TransCanada's compressor station near Mooreland.

Michael Barnes, communications manager for TransCanada US Pipelines, said the simulated damage will include damage to buildings, a toppled tower and possible damage to "the engines that create the suction to push and pull the gas down the pipelines."  The drill could also possibly use dummies to simulate injuries to people, Barnes said.

"This is part of our yearly national exercise to test our emergency response procedures," he said.  "We want to make sure we're prepared and find out if there are any gaps in our response so we can address those."

The drill will begin at 8 a.m. and last for about 3 hours.  

With local law enforcement, fire and other emergency vehicles expected to converge at the TransCanada compressor station a couple of miles east of Mooreland, the company said in a press release that it wants the public to be aware that the first responders' presence is part of a drill.

"We think it's important to let people know we're training," Barnes said.


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