The Woodward News

November 13, 2012

Middle school brings veterans to classroom

Chris Cooper
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Students at Woodward Middle School gained a deeper understanding of the services provided by veterans during their social science classes on Monday.

Jim Hunt, chair of the Social Science Department at the middle school said, "We wanted the students to gain a more personal understanding of veterans."

Two veterans who spoke to the class were Sgt, 1st Class Jeremy Crotts who served in the US Army during the current wars and Staff Sgt. Danny Sampson who served in the Air Force during the Vietnam war.  Crotts spoke on his time spent in Iraq and Sampson discussed his military career as a mechanic.

While veterans speaking to students is nothing new at the middle school, this year organizers changed things up slightly.

"Normally we have quite a few veterans come out," Hunt said, "but that doesn't give us much time to get more than their name and rank. This year we had a smaller number of veterans come out so the kids could get more one on one time with them."

Hunt added, "We wanted the kids to have more personal time with each veteran, so they could gain a more intimate appreciation for what they've given for their country. We also wanted vets to have the time they needed to speak with the kids and to tell them about their experiences, we think thats important for students to hear."

Monday's lessons also consisted of the students reading essays they had written about veterans day to the class and the veterans in attendance.

"We wanted the vets to see that kids get it, they understand the sacrifices they've made and that they're truly appreciative of their service, and I think they get that from the kids' essays," Hunt said.

Hunt's class also consisted of watching part of World War 2 film, and a slideshow put on by student Katherine Cockreham about her grandfather who flew a B24 bomber and received a Distinguished Flying Cross, among other military decorations, for his service during World War II.