The Woodward News

November 11, 2012

Red Tie Jazz event planned

Chris Cooper
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — A classy evening is in store for NWOSU alumni and friends during the Northwester Oklahoma State University Foundation's Red Tie Jazz event.

The evening of music is set from 5:45 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Nov. 14 at the Woodward Conference Center.

"This is one of the events we hold to help NWOSU alumni in the Woodward area stay connected and to make sure the NWOSU community stays strong. We did something similar to the Red Tie Jazz event in spring and it went over quite well, so we thought we'd try it again," said Lizabeth Richey, director of alumni relations.

"Last time the jazz music was just so enjoyable, that was one of the main things that made us want to hold another Red Tie Jazz event," said Richey. "The wine and cheese were very pretty popular as well. This time we'll also have other assorted hors d'oeuvres as well, a variety of trays including veggies, meats and cheeses and crackers, things like that, as well as non-alcoholic beverages."

Also returning this year are Max Ridgway and T.Z. Wright.

"They did a fantastic job last time," said Richey. "The main reason we chose them was due to the fact that they're both so well known for their musical abilities. Wright is right here in Woodward and Ridgway is one of our NWOSU alumni and actually teaches at NWOSU as an adjunct music instructor. Ridgway and Wright have worked together on duets before outside of the event, they're fantastic together."

There will also be door prizes given out.

"They'll be random drawings throughout the evening, winners will be drawn from cards alumni fill out as they enter. We'll have various prizes. In the past we've offered NWOSU centennial cookbooks and NWOSU centennial history books as well," said Richey.

Richey encourages all NWOSU alumni to come out to reconnect with old friends and get to know the faculty as a way of keeping strong the NWOSU community, all while having a fun and unique night on the town.

"The purpose of the Red Tie Jazz event is to reconnect with alumni and friends in the greater Woodward area in a fun environment. We've got over NWOSU 800 alumni in the area, and this event will be a great way for people who live near one another but never have an opportunity to see one another to get together and reconnect. Our university president Dr. Janet Cunningham will be there as well as other faculty, and it'll be a great time to get to know university personalities," said RIchey.

Alumni and friends interested in attending the event are encouraged to RSVP with Lizabeth Richey at 580-327-8594.