The Woodward News

December 22, 2012

County sets zoning hearing

Chris Cooper
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — A relatively short meeting is in store for the County Commissioners next Wednesday.

The commissioners' weekly meeting is delayed a couple of days since county offices will be closed Monday and Tuesday for the Christmas holiday.

The county board will hold a public hearing on a request from the Grunewald Family LLC for a rezoning of a 32 acre tract of land southeast of Woodward. The rezoning request would change the land from an agricultural zone to an industrial zone.

"Assuming no one has any grievances with the zoning change at the meeting the commissioners will make a decision," County Clerk Charolett Waggoner said.

The board will also make a decision on a request from Rural Water District 1 for a utility permit to trench a District 1 roadway for a water line just north of Mooreland.

Commissioners will also be revisiting bids for firefighting equipment for the Sharon Fire Department.

"That had gone out for bids but there was a problem with the bids so they had to rebid it. Once the bids had been opened it was referred to county fire chiefs, they've since given their recommendation and now the commissioners will make a decision," Waggoner said.

The appointment of Todd Stoll to the Woodward County Fair Board to replace Wade Free will also be revisited during the meeting.  Stoll had volunteered to replace Free and was appointed to the position during the county's last meeting on Dec. 17.

However, Waggoner said county officials then learned that Stoll wasn't eligible for the position, so his appointment will have to be rescinded.

Waggoner went on to say at this time Free's position will remain open.

The Woodward County Fair Board will also be losing member Eddie Wilson.

"I can't tell you why, we just have a letter of resignation from him saying he's resigning his position," Waggoner said.

Once the commissioners accept Wilson's resignation, that will make 2 vacancies on the fair board.