The Woodward News

April 3, 2013

Hearing on proposed annexation approved

Rowynn Ricks
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward City Commissioners took action Monday night that may result in bringing a new business and some additional housing to the city.

The city board first approved a resolution calling for a public hearing to be held during the commissioners' meeting at 7 p.m. on May 6 to discuss the proposed annexation of a property at 4409 Williams Ave.  The resolution also authorizes the city clerk to publish notice of the hearing so that the public will be aware of the upcoming opportunity to voice opinions on the proposed annexation.

According to a letter addressed to the city commissioners, property owner Mike Caldwell has requested the approximately half-acre of land be annexed because "I have an opportunity to acquire a good long term renter for this property but it has to be inside city limits to comply with state statutes."

In the letter, Caldwell claims that the unnamed business "will generate well over $50,000 annually in city taxes."

According to the proposed annexation, if the land is brought within city limits, it will be zoned as C-2 General Commercial district.

City commissioners also acted Monday to vacate the original plat and then re-plat Block 2 of the Reynolds Addition, which is located at northeast corner of 15th St. and Washington Ave.

John Elam is a managing member of JEBCO Management, LLC., which according to information in the city agenda packet is the owner of all lots in Block 2 of the Reynolds Addition.

Elam attended Monday's city commission to discuss the request to re-plat the property.

"We want to re-plat to run the plats the opposite direction," he told the commissioners.

He later told The News that the purpose for reorienting the plats is so that they will face 15th St. and Washington Ave., "because we need access to the existing roads."

Elam said the property is currently a vacant field, but the goal of the re-platting is to be able to place some new homes on the land.

"Hopefully owner-occupied homes and not rentals," he said.

Commissioner Gary Goetzinger asked what type of homes were expected to go onto the property.

"More than likely mobile homes," Elam answered, noting "We've had some interest from Solitaire."

Goetzinger then asked about the type of other homes in the area and Elam said there were some older homes across the street.

"Our intention is for anything that's moved in be an improvement both over an empty lot and by helping the community have some additional affordable housing," Elam said.

In other action during Monday's brief city board meeting, the commissioners approved allowing city utility customers to use the landfill free of charge on April 13 as part of the semiannual Trash Off Day.

"We want to see rain that weekend too so we chose that Saturday," City Manager Alan Riffel said, somewhat jokingly.

Riffel then explained that in the past the scheduling of Trash Off Day has often coincided with Woodward receiving some significant rain showers.

"We tried to have it 3 times last year and it rained each weekend," he said.

If it rains on April 13, the event will likely be postponed for another Saturday since rain can create quite muddy conditions at the landfill, making access difficult.