The Woodward News

April 9, 2013

County updates District 1 fleet

Rowynn Ricks
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward County Commissioners continue to make updates to Highway District 1's vehicle fleet.

The county commissioners took action Monday regarding both a new brush chipper and a new 2013 crew cab pickup for District 1.

Bids for the brush chipper were originally opened at last week's meeting. However, the commissioners tabled a vote on the bids because of concerns that some of the vendors' bid submissions didn't meet the county's bid specifications.

District 1 Commissioner Tommy Roedell said that he met with Assistant District Attorney A.J. Laubhan last week to determine how the county should proceed.

“Even though only one bid met the requirements, since it was the piece of equipment I was looking for and had the right specs, he said it was find to accept that bid,” Roedell said of the advice he received from the ADA.

Roedell and his fellow commissioners then voted to accept a bid from Miner's Equipment and Truck Repair of Oklahoma City in the amount of $37,786.75 for a Bandit 1390 model brush chipper.

Now that the purchase is approved, the District 1 commissioner said he will submit paperwork to the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma (ACCO) to receive $23,000 in reimbursement to help pay for the equipment.

In addition to the chipper, the county board also acted Monday to approve financial documentation regarding a 2013 crew cab pickup for use by District 1 workers.

At a previous meeting, county commissioners approved purchasing the vehicle at a total cost of $27,806. Then during the April 1 meeting, they approved transferring money into the District 1 capital outlay account to allow for a $10,000 down payment to be made on the vehicle.

(The down payment was not for a new vehicle purchased for the sheriff's office as The News incorrectly reported last week due to a misunderstanding of comments made during the April 1 meeting. The News regrets the error.)

After accounting for the down payment on the crew cab pickup, the commissioners approved a lease-purchase agreement concerning payments on the remaining $17,806 for the cost of the pickup.

Ronda Custer, assistant vice president of Stock Exchange Bank, said that at the approved 36-month lease period, with an interest rate of 2.5 percent, the county would be making monthly payments of $513.92 starting May 8.

In other action Monday, the county board approved a number of routine items including monthly county officer reports; blanket purchase orders; the April monthly maximum highway expenditures in the amount of $248,432.97; and a utility permit to Northwestern Electric for an overhead crossing south of Hanks Trail on County Road N/S 200.,

However, the county board denied granting a special use permit to Phillip and Dawn Oliver that would have allowed the couple to place an RV park on their land near N/S 198 and E/W 42.

District 3 Commissioner Vernie Matt made the motion to deny the permit, stating “the county has no special use permits for this kind of project.” Matt said he spoke with the ADA and reviewed county records, but couldn't find any precedent where the county had ever granted a special use permit.

Roedell noted that the property owners will have to look at a change in zoning if they want to continue to pursue placing an RV park on the property, which is currently zoned for agricultural use.

The county board also took action to remove 37 temporary or closed bridges from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation's bridge inventory.

Commissioner Matt noted that in many of the bridge locations, which were mostly over small creeks, the county had placed pipes to help with drainage issues. He added that most of those locations were for bridges under 20-feet long, which wouldn't be included in ODOT's rehabilitation list anyway.

Commissioner Roedell explained that the purpose of removing the bridges from the ODOT inventory is “just a matter of cleaning up their database.”

Then under new or unforeseen business, the county heard from OSU Extension Agent Melanie Matt, who advised that her office has found a location for the county OSU Extension Service to use during construction of the new Expo Center at the fairgrounds. The location is the north wing of the north campus at Woodward Middle School.

However, Melanie Matt said her office wasn't sure about how to proceed with moving offices as there are various costs involved and she wasn't sure which would be covered as part of the relocation expenses included in the bond amount for the fairgrounds improvement project.

Commissioner Matt encouraged her to ask the schools to draw up a proposed contract for use of their facility for temporary offices, while the county board contacts ACCO for additional legal advice about how to proceed.