The Woodward News

April 2, 2013

Sheriff's office gets new vehicle

Rowynn Ricks
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — The Woodward County Sheriff's Office has a new vehicle to add to its fleet.

Woodward County Commissioners took action Monday morning to approve financing documentation on the new 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe.

The commissioners signed documents approving financing for a total amount of $29,987, which included a lien entry fee and bank loan document fee in addition to the $29,902 purchase price for the vehicle, according to Ronda Custer, assistant vice president of Stock Exchange Bank (SEB).

Custer told the commissioners that the SEB loan was for a 36-month term at a 2.5 percent rate, with monthly payments of $875.50 beginning on May 1.

However, District 1 Commissioner Tommy Roedell said that he plans to use some of his district's funds to make a $10,000 down payment on the vehicle.  The monthly payments would then be readjusted, he said.

In other equipment matters, the county commissioners opened bids for a new brush chipper for County Highway District 1.  There were 3 bids received, with Vermeer Great Plains, Inc. of Oklahoma City bidding $35,760, Miner's Equipment and Truck Repair of Oklahoma City bidding $37,786.75, and White Star Machinery of Tulsa bidding $42,890.

However, Roedell noticed that each of the bids had some issues where they didn't quite match up with bid specifications so the matter was tabled "until we can do some more checking on the bids to see if they can meet our specs," he said.

But to help facilitate the eventual purchase of a new brush chipper as well as the $10,000 down payment on the new Tahoe for the sheriff's office, county commissioners approved transferring some funds within the District 1 accounts.

Roedell requested moving $42,000 from his District 1 maintenance and operations fund into the capitol outlay fund to cover the payments.  He then said that most of the transfered money would be reimbursed one way or another.

"We will be reimbursed around $10,000 to $11,000 from the Elk City auction for the trucks and equipment we sold there.  And after we purchase the chipper, ACCO (Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma) will reimburse us $23,000," he said.

In other business Monday, the county board recognized receipt of the annual mineral interest report for 2012 and approved the monthly jail reports for January and February.

But in other matters, the county commissioners had to table a couple of items.

The commissioners were slated to act on an engagement letter for Thomas E. Lumsden to serve as an expert witness in the county's tax dispute case against Nextera Energy Resources - Sooner Wind, LLC.

However, County Clerk Charolett Waggoner said that the county has yet to receive the new contract for Lumsden.  District 3 Commissioner Vernie Matt made the motion to table the matter "until we see the contract and until Hollis (Thorp, district attorney) and them can settle the contract."

The commissioners also tabled action on a request from Phillip and Dawn Oliver for a special use permit for placement of an RV park near N/S 198 and E/W 42.

Matt said the Olivers had been told that they could possibly obtain a special permit to allow them to have the RV park on their land for a certain amount of time without having to change the zoning of the land, which is currently an agricultural district.

However, the commissioner said that when he spoke with Assistant District Attorney A.J. Laubhan about the matter, the ADA was not certain if such a permit could be granted.

"A.J. didn't know if the county could do that because to his knowledge we haven't ever done it before, so we're going to research if they have to change the zoning or can stay the same," Matt said.

So he made a motion to "table that (special use permit request) until we can find the information we need."