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July 10, 2012

Commissioners issue burn ban

Woodward, Okla. — The Board of Woodward County Commissioners approved the implementation of a county-wide burn ban Monday.

Vernie Matt, District No. 3 commissioner, said he had spoken to Matt Lehenbauer, emergency management director, and Lehenbauer said the county met the conditions to have a burn ban.

The burn ban is effective immediately and will last for 28 days.  During this time, fireworks are prohibited regarding both private and public displays, as well as prescribed burns by agriculturalists.

Exceptions for the burn ban include outdoor welding, cutting torch and grinding activities which are allowed only under certain conditions. These activities must be conducted over a non-combustible surface of at least 10 feet by 10 feet and when welding, blankets or screens are used to cover flammable vegetation.

Also, these activities can be only be conducted when wind speeds are less than 20 miles per hour and when a watch person is posted at the welding or cutting torch site with pressurized water or a fire extinguisher on hand to extinguish a fire if one were to start.

There is also an exception for certain outdoor cooking activities. Outdoor campfires or bonfires are prohibited but gas and charcoal-fired cooking in an enclosed receptacle is permitted provided that the activity is conducted over a non-flammable surface and at least 5 feet from flammable vegetation.


Sealed bids for a new roof for the Woodward County Health Department were also opened during the meeting. There were 2 bids received, one from Bloyer and Sons, Inc. out of Kansas totaling to $70,335 and a bid from Alva Roofing Company totaling $129,384.

"That's a huge spread," said Tommy Roedell, District No. 1 commissioner.

Terri Salisbury, administrative director for the health department, requested to table the bids to make sure all specifications would be met.

A resolution determining maximum monthly highway expenditures for July was approved in the amount of $322,845.80.

"That's over $70,000 more than it was last time," Roedell said.  

The expenditures fluctuate depending on gross production tax, excise tax and fuel tax. It's probably mainly from the fuel tax, he said.

An invoice including annual dues for Fiscal Year 2012 to 2013 from the County Officers and Deputies Association (CODA) was approved in the amount of $504.  Charolett Waggoner, county clerk, said the invoice amount is the same as it was last year.

Roedell said he thinks CODA is a good organization and they should continue to use their services. The organization has meetings twice a year and provides information, classes and speakers to help county-elected officials stay up-to-date with county government legislation and how it will effect their office.

The Kellpro Software License and maintenance agreement with the county clerk's office for Fiscal Year 2012 to 2013 was renewed by the board. The software is used for recording, purchasing, inventory and more, Waggoner said.

"It covers everything in our office," she said.

A resolution disposing of junked equipment from County Highway District No. 2 inventory was also approved. There were 11 items on the disposal list with many of the items being simply worn out.  Some of the items included a chainsaw, one-ton jack and a couple of fuel tanks that had already been sold but needed to be taken off of the inventory list Waggoner said.

The board also approved their last request for payment of contract funds and the monthly report for a Northwest Domestic Crisis Services grant in the amount of $5,545.85

"Starting in July, we go on our own," said Paul Fockler, executive director of Northwest Domestic Crisis Services.  

Waggoner said the crisis center will now no longer have to go through the county for their grants, they will be doing it on their own.

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