The Woodward News

May 9, 2013

Testing out those 'Hot Wheels' Saturday

Rowynn Ricks
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Drag races are coming to Woodward.

Hot Wheels drag races that is.

The Woodward Moose Lodge 452 is holding a Hot Wheels Drag Racing double elimination tournament this Saturday, with registration starting at 10 a.m.  A lunch will be provided.

Moose Lodge officers Adrian Woodmansee, trustee, and Mickey Thomas, governor, said the races are intended as "a good family activity."

"We just wanted to provide some fun and games for the kids because that's what the Moose Lodge is all about," Woodmansee said.

"Because the Moose Lodge is a family fraternity," Thomas said.  "We're designed around family and that's how we want to promote the Moose Lodge to the community."

Both men said the drag races will just be another addition to the many activities the lodge already sponsors for children, including bowling, swimming, skating, and family dinners.

This Saturday's Hot Wheels races will be divided up into 3 age categories for children 6-years-old and under; 7- to 12-years-old; and 13-years-old and up.  Prizes will be offered for the top racers in each category.

And while it is "designed around the kids," Thomas said there may even be some adult races if there is enough interest.

There is a small entry fee charged per Hot Wheel, but he said that is to help offset the prizes.

Children are encouraged to enter as many toy cars as they would like, however they must be stock Hot Wheels.

"They can't modify them; we can't have them souped up or weighted down with lead or anything like that," Thomas said.

Woodmansee noted that it is intended to just be "a fun little competition."

The cars will be placed on side-by-side straight tracks with a steep decline for the races, he said.

Thomas said that the tracks are equipped with starting lights and a timer "just like a regular drag track."

In addition to making the races more authentic, Woodmansee said the extra equipment will help to "eliminate the human error" when it comes to determining the race winners.

The Moose Lodge leaders said they're hoping the drag races will garner a lot of public participation.

In fact, the men said the Lodge got the idea for the races from some of their fellow members who found it to be a popular event.

"One of the other lodges up in Iowa has been doing this for a while and they said they pack the house with kids each time, so we thought we'd give it a try down here," Woodmansee said.

"We want all the families to come out and have some fun," Thomas said.

If the races do turn out to be popular here, the men said the Moose Lodge may make it a regular event.

"I'm hoping it goes over well and we start having it more often," Woodmansee said.

"If it goes good, when school picks back up we might have it once a month or so," Thomas agreed.  "We just want to see how it goes this weekend first."

For more information about the Hot Wheels races, contact Adrian Woodmansee at (580) 571-2091 or Mickey Thomas at (580) 254-1195.