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March 24, 2013

Red Cross offers online babysitting training

Chris Cooper
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Kids looking for a job in babysitting now have a new means of breaking into the field thanks to the American Red Cross.

As part of the ongoing digital trend, the Red Cross recently launched a new online babysitter training course.

"This is a brand new course," explained Red Cross Regional Director of Communications Ken Garcia. "We've had an in-classroom babysitting course we've done in the past, but this is our first online."

Garcia explained that there were several lines of thought that went into the implementation of the online course.

"We wanted to be able to all to allow teens and young adults the flexibility to take the class on their own time, so we made it available 24/7 so that people will be more able to fit it into their schedule and get it done," he said.

Garcia added, "We also wanted to make sure we could get that information out to as many people as possible, and by putting this class on their computer, they're able to get the exact same information in their home and get certified."

According to a press release from Red Cross, the new online class is a 4-hour course that can be completed at any time from any computer or mobile device at each student's own pace.

Garcia said that while the course is available to anyone, it is aimed at students between the ages of 11- and 15-years-old and designed to cover everything from feeding to bed time and more.

"This course provides a foundation for these folks who want to become babysitters," he said. "Basically it allows those taking the course to develop leadership skills and teaches them how to begin developing a business, how to make sure that the children are safe and how to engage them in age-appropriate activity, as well as basic childcare and basic first aid."

Garcia went on to explain that the Red Cross is excited for the opportunity to further provide babysitting training to the community.

"The Red Cross is so much more than just disaster relief," he said. "It's the leader in babysitting classes, providing training for the last 30 years. We offer over 12,000 courses annually. The Red Cross is a fantastic community resource and galvanizing tool to help beyond disasters, we're more than happy to help out any way we can."

To register for the course, Garcia said to visit, enter your city, look for "Babysitting Basics Online," and pay a small enrollment fee. Garcia explained that following the 4 hour course, students will take a test, and if they score an 80% or higher, they're certified. He said they'll be able to print off a diploma as proof of completion right at home.

For additional information about babysitting training or the Red Cross, Garcia encourages people to visit