The Woodward News

July 9, 2013

Insurance premium increases for county

Rachael Van Horn
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — After a presentation regarding fire extinguisher service and supplies from Austin Abbot, manager of Ultimate Safety and Supply, Woodward County Commissioners took the information for further consideration Monday during their weekly meeting.

Abbott does not have a contract to provide fire extinguisher services, but would be willing to work on an as needed basis for Woodward County, he said in an interview after the meeting.

Commissioners approved the intent to reenter into an agreement with their insurance provider, ACCO-SIG Property and Liability (Association of County Commissioners).

ACCO-SIG is a self-insurance pool established just a few years after statehood, which includes all member Oklahoma counties. This allows county governments to access affordable property and liability insurance, while offering a comprehensive set of services peculiar to county governance issues.

Commissioners opted for the one time premium payment of $132,000-increased from last year's amount of $104,000.

The raise in premium costs is stemming from an increased number of lawsuits and claims made recently upon the county insurance.

About $50,000 of the money will go into a special escrow account, which is set up to pay projected deductibles for claims made upon the county, said District 1 Commissioner  Tommy Roedell.

The remaining approximately $82,000 will be placed into the ACCO insurance pool.

Commissioners approved four inter-county agreements for the housing of adjudicated juveniles include:

1. Garfield County Regional Juvenile Detention Center operated by Oklahoma Juvenile Justice Services, Inc., which charges $23.26 per child per day.

2. Cleveland County Regional Detention Center operated by Community Works, which charges $24.37 per child pr day.

3. Pottawatomie County Juvenile Detention Center also operated by Community Works, which charges $24.37 pr child per day.

4. Osage County Juvenile Detention Center, which charges $27.05 per day.

Commissioners also voted Monday to approve a project agreement for a state funded project to improve nearly 7 miles of Quinlan road which includes grading, draining and providing surface materials. The project is a part of Oklahoma Department of Transportation's County Improvement For Roads and Bridges program, said Donnie Head, circuit engineering district No. 8 program manager for Oklahoma's county commissioners. The first phase of the project, slated to begin in about a year, is budgeted for $5.3 million, Head said.