The Woodward News

July 2, 2013

Softball bids gain approval

Rowynn Ricks
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward City Commissioners have awarded over $3.3 million in bids for construction of the new softball complex at Crystal Beach Park.

During their regular meeting Monday evening, city commissioners approved 27 different bid packages related to the construction of the new softball fields.

While the bids alone total over $3.3 million, the total amount approved by the commissioners also included additional funds for general conditions, payment and performance bond, builder's risk insurance, a 6 percent fee for the construction management firm, and a 3 percent construction contingency.  This brought the total to almost $3.972 million.

However, Shawn Hugaboom, with the construction management firm Timberlake Construction, said this was still "under our budget of $4 million."

City Financial Officer Doug Haines said the project initially had a "conceptual budget of $4.5 million, but Timberlake was able to massage the numbers and go back to the companies and get them down to under $4 million.  So I feel like we've got some good bids to move forward on."

Also related to the softball project, the commissioners approved a proposal from Shawnee Lighting Systems for the installation of new lighting equipment at the softball fields.  This proposal included $48,000 for a lighting power cabinet and $661,000 for a MUSCO Light Structure Green lighting system.

In other action, the city board approved an amendment to its contract with K&T Catering, Inc. for management of facilities at Crystal Beach Park to now include the use of the boat dock and lake for paddle boat rentals.  City Manager Alan Riffel said approval of the amended contract will allow the company to place the paddle boats on the lake so that they will be available for rental during the upcoming 4th of July Celebration at the Park.

The city commissioners also held a public hearing regarding a request from Downs Partnership to rezone a piece of land in the approximately 300 block of Downs Ave. from R-1 Single Family Dwelling District to C-2 General Commercial District.

Bryce Hodgden spoke to the commissioners on behalf of Downs Partnership, explaining that he owns 6 acres of land in that area, all of which was previously zoned C-2, except for one small strip that measures approximately 200 feet by 230 feet.  While he has no current plans for what kind of commercial business may go on the property, Hodgden said he just wanted to rezone it so that it matched the remainder of his property.

However attorney Shane Smithton, who represents some of the neighboring residential property owners, said that his clients feel the rezoning would diminish their properties' value and marketability.  Smithton also claimed that the property in question represents "the only remaining buffer" between residential properties to the east and commercial properties to the west.

Although commissioners listened to the arguments from both sides, they tabled a vote on the requested rezoning because they didn't have enough commissioners present to proceed with the matter.  

City Commissioner Steve Bogdahn was absent from Monday's meeting due to an illness and former Commissioner Bill Fanning resigned from the board last month.  This left only Mayor Gary Goetzinger and Commissioners Roscoe Hill and Michelle Williamson to conduct Monday's regular city meeting.

While 3 commissioners provides a quorum to hold the meeting, Goetzinger and City Attorney Aaron Sims explained that 4 commissioners were needed to provide a "super majority" in order to take action on any proposed city ordinance.  

The matter will come back before the commissioners during their next meeting, which is slated for July 15 at 7 p.m. in City Hall.

Bids approved

The following are the companies that were awarded bids:

ROC Services Co., LLC (L&L Backhoe), of Woodward - Bid Pkg #1 Earthwork - $340,000

Tatro Plumbing & Utilities, of Garden City, Kan. - Bid Pkg #2 Site Utilities - $63,967

APAC-Kansas - Bid Pkg #3 Asphalt Paving (Alternate #1) - $383,321.83

Cantera, of Oklahoma City - Bid Pkg #4 Site Concrete - $431,700 and Bid Pkg #8 Building Concrete - $135,200

Midwest, of Stillwater - Bid Pkg #5 Chainlink and Ornamental Fencing - $119,500

Lohmann Fencing of Enid - Bid Pkg #6 Netted Backstops - $189,625

Grooms, of Oklahoma City - Bid Pkg #7 Landscaping and Irrigation - $635,261.70

H&H Masonry, of Oklahoma City - Bid Pkg #9 Masonry - $92,400

Regency, of Oklahoma City - Bid Pkg #10 Steel (material) - $20,675

PC Steel, of Stillwater - Bid Pkg #11 Steel Erection (also includes pre-engineered metal building) - $92,196

Timberlake Interiors, of Oklahoma City - Bid Pkg #12 Rough Carpentry & General Trades - $25,000

Cooper Cabinets, of Oklahoma City - Bid Pkg #13 Architectural Wood Casework - $19,828

Professional Waterproofing, of Oklahoma City - Bid Pkg #14 Waterproofing & Sealants - $16,800

Diamond Roofing, of Dodge City, Kan. - Bid Pkg #15 Roofing and Sheetmetal - $111,350

Construction Building Specialists (CBS), of Oklahoma City - Bid Pkg #16 Steel Doors & Frames (material) - $5,441 and - Bid Pkg #18 Door Hardware (materials) - $5,441

Overhead Doors of Texas - Bid Pkg #17 Overhead Coiling Doors - $7,856

BETT Commercial Finishes, of Tulsa - Bid Pkg #20 Resinous Flooring - $4,400 and - Bid Pkg #21 Painting - $17,900

Ford Audio/Visual, of Oklahoma City - Bid Pkg #24 Audio System - $14,556

Dense Mechanical, of Enid - Bid Pkg #25 Plumbing - $63,428 and - Bid Pkg #26 HVAC - $44,832

All Star Electric, of Oklahoma City - Bid Pkg #27 Electrical and Fire Alarm System - $213,057

Some bid packages didn't receive any bids, but there are certain spending allowances that have been outlined for those items.  This includes Bid Pkg #19 Aluminum Windows and Glazing - $4,500 and Bid Pkg #23 Foodservice Equipment - $20,000.  In addition, Bid Pkg #22 included a number of different items referred to as "Specialties," such as bulletin boards, toilet compartments, fire extinguishers, signage, lockers, shade structures and others, which was awarded to unspecified bidders for a total of $120,289.

This brought the total for all bid packets to $3,318,813.53.