The Woodward News

December 8, 2012

County may OK tax vote on Monday

Chris Cooper
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — On Monday, Woodward County Commissioners are set to put the fate of the Fairgrounds Improvement Project into the hands of county voters.

Commissioners will consider calling for an election on Feb. 12, 2013 for voters to decide on a countywide sales tax which would be used to fund the fairgrounds project.

The county board will be calling for a one-half of one cent sales tax to generate an estimated $12.4 million for the construction and equipping of a new Woodward Fairgrounds and Expo Center.

Also on the agenda is the tabulation of a bid for 6-month grader blades for all districts.

County Clerk Charolett Waggoner said, "The commissioners tabled the bids last time so now they'll be determining which is the best bid."

Commissioners will also be deciding on whether to join the Oklahoma Association of Fairs and Festivals during Monday's meeting.

"They'll be hearing from the Fair Board as to whether they'd like to participate or not and they'll act on their recommendation," Waggoner said.

Also on the agenda is the commissioner's approval of the submission of a rural development grant for Dewey County.

"It's for the Mutual area. They're requesting a grant for this; they turned in an application that has to be approved by commissioners first before it can be submitted," Waggoner said. "Mutual is in Woodward County, but the Dewey County Rural Water District extends into the Mutual area, so the commissioners have to approve for them to apply for the grant."

The Grunewald Family LLC has also requested for a zoning change to a 32 acre tract of land southeast of Woodward from an agricultural zone to an industrial zone.

"Other areas out there have already been changed to I-2 and they're requesting to change to I-2 as well. They're doing so because they believe the new classification would make better use of the land than the current agricultural zoning. The surrounding areas have already done the rezoning so they'd like to change as well so that businesses can be put into that area."

The county agenda also includes the appointment of a receiving officer for the Northwestern Oklahoma Solid Waste Disposal Authority, which won't be so much an appointment as a reappointment, Waggoner said.

"The current receiving officer whose name was Dawna Clark got married and changed her name to Dawna Russell, and we have to have the correct name on our receiving reports, so they're just reappointing her by her new name," Waggoner said.