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December 5, 2012

County officials address bids

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward County Commissioners addressed several bids and a couple of housekeeping matters during their regular meeting on Monday.

The county recently sought bids for self-contained breathing gear for county fire departments, ballot printing for the election board, and limestone chips and grader blades for all highway districts.

The following lists the bids that were received for each item and the action taken by the county board.


• BIDS RECEIVED: 2 bids received for 4 high-pressure self-contained breathing apparatuses with HUD and Pass device, 8 high-pressure 45-minuted carbon breathing air cylinders, and 4 medium masks to fit above the device

    - Casco, Inc. - Total bid of $22,264

    - Wayest - Total bid of $24,088.40

• ACTION TAKEN: At the request of Sharon Fire Chief Bill Phillips, the bids were tabled to allow for the county fire chiefs to review the bids in more detail during their meeting on Dec. 18.


• BIDS RECEIVED:  3 bid returns received for various ballot sizes.

    - Royal Printing: 8.5"x14"-17 cents, 8.5"x17"-17.5 cents, 8.5"x19"-17.5 cents

    - Tulsa Co. Admin Services: no bid

    - Midwest Printing: 8.5"x14"-16 cents, 8.5"x17"-17 cents, 8.5"x19"-18 cents

• ACTION TAKEN: Based on the recommendation of Election Board Secretary Carol Carrell, who noted that the county mainly uses 8.5"x14" ballots for most of its elections, the county commissioners approved the bid from Midwest Printing.


• BIDS RECEIVED: 2 bids were received, including pricing for 2 different types of limestone, with the rocks to be picked up by county trucks.

    - Dolese: 3/8" limestone #2 cover - $9.30/ton; 5/8" limestone #3 cover - $9.10/ton; limestone screening - $6/ton

    - Martin Marietta Materials: 3/8" limestone #2 cover - $23.50/ton; 5/8" limestone #3 cover - $24.50/ton; limestone screening - $19/ton

• ACTION TAKEN: Seeing the large disparity in pricing, commissioners quickly approved the lowest bid from Dolese.


• BIDS RECEIVED: 2 bids were received for pricing on double-beveled blades and 2 sizes of domehead nuts with bolts.

    - Dub Ross, Co.: 5/8"x6'x7' grader blade - $68.56; 5/8"x2" bolt with nut - $1.10; 5/8"x2.5" bolt with nut - $1.15

    - C. L. Boyd: 5/8"x6'x7' grader blade - $61.26; 5/8"x2" bolt with nut - 86 cents; 5/8"x2.5" bolt with nut - $1.03

• ACTION TAKEN: Commissioners voted to table the bids to allow time to investigate the type steel used in the grader blades provided by each company after Commissioner Vernie Matt said that the crews in his district "said Dub Ross' blades last longer, I think it's a different kind of steel."

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