The Woodward News

April 16, 2013

Commission tables action on equipment

Rowynn Ricks
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward County Commissioners want input from the County Fire Chiefs before acting on a bid for new hydraulic rescue equipment and other gear for the county fire departments.

The county commissioners only received one bid, from TechResq in Mannford, on the rescue equipment package.  They opened the sealed bid during their weekly meeting on Monday morning at the county courthouse.

TechResq's total bid was $65,950 for all the items, which included hoses, supports, platforms, a cutter and power unit among other gear.

District 3 Commissioner Vernie Matt said he believes the equipment is "probably rigging for the new rescue truck" that the Woodward Fire Department recently obtained.

However, wanting the county's top fire officials to review the bid and prepare a recommendation on it, Matt made the motion to table a vote on the bid until it could be taken to the fire chiefs' board meeting for consideration.

In other business Monday, commissioners addressed a surplus distribution from the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma-Self Insurance Fund (ACCO-SIF).

County Clerk Charolett Waggoner explained that back in 1999, ACCO-SIF declared some $34,257 as surplus funds due back to Woodward County.

"The county said at the time to just hold it and pay our premiums out of it," Waggoner said.

However, the county never did use the fund to pay for its premiums, she said, and in the interim the fund "continued to grow.  Now the fund stands at $45,480.92.

In an effort to clear up some of its accounts, Waggoner said ACCO-SIF "has asked us what we want to do with the money."

The clerk said the county had 4 options: 1) issue a check for total amount back to the county, 2) use it to pay worker's comp premiums, 3) use it to pay property and liability premiums, or 4) place the money in a deductible fund account.

"I'd like to suggest to the commissioners that we take the lump sum," Waggoner said.  "It would be easier on us as far as bookkeeping.  And it will go to pay our premiums anyway."

With the county's insurance premiums running at just over $61,000 each year, she said the lump sum would help pay the large majority of next year's premiums.

The commissioners agreed to follow Waggoner's recommendation and ask for the lump sum payment.

In other action, the commissioners extended the terms of office for members of the Woodward County Free Fair Board.  Those fair board members in the designated Office 1 will now serve until Dec. 2014, and those in designated Office 2 and Office 3 will serve until Dec. 2016.

"The reason we're doing this is because last year the legislature passed a bill changing the term of office for fair board members to coincide with the county commissioner terms," Waggoner said.

The county board also addressed some routine items, approving the quarterly treasurer's report, monthly county officer reports, a resolution disposing of an old laser printer from the OSU Extension Center, and a utility permit request from AT&T to place a buried cable along and under "10 mile road" off of Highway 34 north of Woodward.

Then under new or unforeseen business, the county board approved 3 applications submitted by J.T. Winters, of the Natural Resources Conservation Service, regarding 3 construction projects that would affect floodplain areas.

Two of the applications were for bridge and road construction projects along Highway 15.  The 2 highway projects are about a mile apart, with one located just 3.94 miles east of the Harper County line, and the other located over 5 miles east of the county line.

The third application was from Glass Mountain Pipeline for pipeline crossings over waterways as the 12-inch crude oil pipeline is constructed across the southern part of Woodward County.  According to the application, the pipeline will cross Boggy Creek, the North Canadian River, and Persimmon Creek, several times.