The Woodward News

June 16, 2013

Students to benefit from bond issue

Rachael Van Horn
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Days after the Sharon-Mutual Bond Issue passed, school officials are still celebrating on the inside, said Jeff Thompson, Sharon-Mutual superintendent.

"We are just really excited," Thompson said. "It is an extremely positive thing the voters did for the students and community, to provide much needed resources to our teachers and better educate kids to the new and changing standards."

The Bond Issue passed easily with 162 yes votes to 84 no votes.

Plans for the money include:

1. Six classrooms for the Sharon Elementary School - of those six class rooms, two will be computer labs with updated equipment, technology and furniture. Four will be classrooms that will also serve as safe rooms. The safe rooms will be built to FEMA standards and will include hardware so they can be totally shut down during weather emergencies.

2. The Mutual campus will have five classrooms added. Of those five, two will be computer labs with updated equipment, technology and furniture. Four of the five classrooms will be safe rooms.

3. The bond will also include money to renovate the Math and Science building at Mutual and to add air conditioning in the Mutual gym.

4. The bond will include money also for an air conditioning system to be built into the kitchen at Mutual.

"We will be using Joe Hall Construction as our construction manager and Boynton-Williams for our architect," Thompson said.

Some work could begin as early as December and in July this year, some of the money might possibly be available for purchase of computer technologies with which to begin the new school year, Thompson said.

"I am just really thankful to the school board for developing the vision and the principals and staff and they hard work they put in getting it passed," he said.