The Woodward News

May 9, 2014

Woodward superintendent retiring

Rachael Van Horn
Woodward News

— In an informal statement made to the Woodward News Thursday, Woodward Public Schools Superintendent, Tim Merchant signaled his intent, within the next few months, to retire.

He leaves after serving the district for four years and helping to usher in the single most sweeping set of construction and growth changes seen in the district for several years.

Merchant came to Woodward in the superintendent's position from Weatherford, where he served as the middle school principal. Before that, he served the Washita Heights School District as its superintendent for 10 years, he said. He came to Woodward in June 2010.

Merchant, whose father died this winter, cited extended family care issues as his reason for retiring from the district. He says he and wife Paula, plan to move closer to her family, who are also aging. He says they may live in the Metro area or perhaps somewhere near his mother, who lives in Weatherford.

At present, he has not named a date for his impending departure, but hinted that it will possibly take place toward the end of summer.