The Woodward News

April 17, 2014

Western Plains recognized as Certified Healthy Business

Stephanie Meyer
Woodward News

— Western Plains Youth and Family Services in Woodward is one of the organizations selected by the Certified Healthy Oklahoma program as a Certified Healthy Business.

The Certified Healthy Oklahoma program gives recognition each year to groups, businesses and even entire communities. In order to be certified by the program the potential organization must complete an application and meet certain criteria.

Western Plains has a number of resources and items available to employees that promote healthy behaviors.  They have postings in the break area that provide healthy nutritional information.  They also offer brochures and online information which cover different health topics.  The employees also discuss healthy behaviors during meetings.  Information about tobacco use and resources to assist in quitting are made available.  

Discounts are offered for employees to become members at fitness centers.  These resources represent only a portion of the wide array of information and healthy benefits provided for employees at Western Plains.

Different equipment is made available on location at Western Plains.  This equipment includes pedometers, a blood pressure monitor, and a BMI (Body Mass Index) scale.

"They are available to all employees throughout the workday" said Emily Williams, services coordinator for Western Plains.

Employees are encouraged to make use of the many different things that are provided for their benefit.

"I think it's awesome," Williams said.  "I'm proud to be part of an organization that promotes health."

Schools, communities, restaurants, campuses, and businesses are all challenged by The Certified Healthy Oklahoma program to place more focus on promoting good health.  Schools and communities that become certified are also given the ability to apply for an incentive grant from the program.

Western Plains has made it a priority to encourage healthy habits.  Any other organizations that already promote good health, or those who begin placing emphasis on good health are invited to apply for certification.  More information on The Certified Healthy Oklahoma program can be found online at