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February 25, 2014

County receives road surfacing award

Woodward, Okla. — On Monday, Woodward County Commissioners voted unanimously to appoint Kendal Stephens of Woodward to the Woodward County Fair Board.

As with any member of the Woodward County Fair Board, Stephens will partner with other board members in making decisions regarding the ongoing construction of the fairgrounds project and other activities related to the fairgrounds.

In regular business, commissioners voted to approve the county cash fund estimate of needs and request for February appropriations in the amount of $265,062.62 or $88,354 per district, according to District 3 Commissioner, Vernie Matt.

Commissioners also approved  a request by Pioneer Telephone for a permit to run a fiber optic cable parallel to a District 3 county road so they can provide services to a business existing in the airport industrial park.

In other business, Woodward County Commissioners accepted a special award - the Oklahoma Asphalt Paving Association Award - for a top quality road surfacing job, which was the result of the cooperation between three entities, the county, a contractor and the district engineers, said 8th Circuit Engineer Jimmy Watson.

The award was for five miles of 8th Street which runs south of the Woodward city limits, Matt said.

In all a total of nine miles of roadway of paved using a combination of state and federal funding totaling nearly $1.7 million, according to Watson.

"I think what made the road such a success is that the county worked with us so much and listened to our recommendations," Watson said. "One example of that is that we were able to take the additional step of milling the roadway down to good asphalt so that we were starting with a good surface."

Woodward County placed second just behind Washita County, which was recognized for its participation in the overlay of State Highway 54.

The Oklahoma Asphalt Paving Association is an industry association that surveys many new road surfaces throughout the state and judges them based on their quality.

In a regular update, Matt said preparations for pouring the foundation for the Woodward County Fairground building have almost been complete and a large cement pour is on the horizon.

"On Wednesday, they are going to be pouring 400 yards of concrete in one day - eight trucks an hour," Matt said.

The trucks will be moving in and out of the are via First Street, Matt said.

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