The Woodward News

November 22, 2012

Managers to build communication skills at workshop

Gary Engel
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — A workshop to help managers become better communicators, and thus better leaders, is planned for Nov. 29 at the Woodward Conference Center.

The workshop, which is slated from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., will be led by Tim Hast of Oklahoma City.

Hast holds master's degrees in education from the University of Oklahoma and in community counseling from the University of Central Oklahoma.

A licensed professional counselor, Hast started out 15 years ago providing counseling for couples and what he described as "angry men," to help them learn how to interact better with others.  Then in 2004, he transitioned to a business-oriented approach.

Hast said some of the couples he counseled said the conflict resolution techniques he provided also applied to their jobs. That led to him becoming a contractor for training and professional development with Devon Energy, he said.

Over the past several years, Hast said he was surprised by how many managers need communication and conflict resolution training.

"Did you know that while most managers are promoted because of their technical skills, 90 percent of them say they have had no training in communication management skills?" he said.

That's why he now offers Effective Communication workshops to the public through his company, Encore Life Skills LLC out of Edmond.

By improving their communication skills, Hast said that managers can learn how to work more effectively with their employees and become better, more effective managers.

With such a variety of businesses in Woodward, Hast said he believes there are many in the community who may benefit from the Nov. 29 communication seminar.

He said the goal of the workshop is to assist managers with the communication skills they need to be successful.  The information that is provided is important because it targets workplace interaction skills, he said.

Specifically, Hast said the upcoming workshop in Woodward will focus on:

- The 7 steps of effective leadership, with communication as the fundamental aspect of each.

- Coaching, counseling and correcting employees without creating unnecessary conflict.

- Identifying and eliminating roadblocks to accurate communication.

- Four steps of skillful listening.

- Different personality styles and potential communications issues with each.

- The 5 languages of appreciation in the workplace, and how to use them to motivate employees.

Sarah Wolfington, an event coordinator with the Woodward Convention and Visitors Bureau, encourages area business people to take advantage of this training opportunity.

"This gives people in Northwest Oklahoma the opportunity to go to something they would otherwise have to travel for; usually you have to go to Oklahoma City or Tulsa in order to attend seminars like this," she said.

Also if there's enough interest and participation in the Nov. 29 management workshop, Wolfington said that the conference center may be able to book even more training seminars.

"If we can get the interest and get things rolling then this is something we might be able to offer for people here every month to 6 weeks," she said.

There is a fee to attend the session, which is limited to 40 people. The fee doesn't include a meal, but time will be allotted to allow attendees to go to lunch on their own.

Hast said he encourages those wanting to attend to register as soon as possible, to assure there are enough handout materials.

To register, call (405) 844-8255 and leave a message for Tim Hast.  Or e-mail him at to request a PDF copy of the registration form.  Attendees may pay the registration fee by credit card, check or business purchase order in advance of the presentation.

Hast can also be contacted for information at (405) 596-1300.