The Woodward News

November 26, 2013

Commission approves resolution

Rachael Van Horn
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward County Commissioners approved a resolution to dispose of dysfunctional equipment from the Sheriff's Department, signed off on a list of policies related to district auctions and got the ball rolling on an application for funds to pave roads in District 2.

According to the Board of County Commissioners Chairman, Tommy Roedell, commissioners chose to approve the beginning of the application process for road funding.

The process is a application process to win funding from the state meant to pay to pave two miles of the Sharon-Shattuck road east of Sharon on State Highway 34.

"Part of how they decide which project get the funding is whether you have had a fatality on that stretch of road, as well as how much traffic uses that road," Roedell said. "We have not had a fatality on the road, but we have had one injury accident there."

If the application is accepted and funded by the State Department of Transportation, the stretch of road will receive an overlay of asphalt, Roedell said.

In other business, commissioners approved the county cash fund estimate of needs and request for appropriations, which was a total of $287,318.27, said District One County Commissioner, Vernie Matt. According to Matt, that gave each district $95,700.00.

In unforeseen business, Dewey County Rural Water District Vice President Larry Lynes was present in the meeting with a special request.

According to Lynes, Some of the water wells that serve the Dewey County Rural Water District exist in Woodward County.

Lynes requested the commissioners approve a request for grant funding through the Oklahoma Economic Development Authority to refurbish a water stand pipe - a part of the Dewey County Rural Water District that exists in Woodward County.

Commissioners approved the request for the application to go forward for OEDA approval of the project.