The Woodward News

January 28, 2014

Commission approves Riata Ranch addition

Rachael Van Horn
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — After reviewing detailed  covenants and restrictions for a proposed housing addition Monday morning,  Woodward County Commissioners approved the final plat for Riata Ranch.

The addition, situated on the south end of Woodward, will be comprised of one to two acres plots and will allow traditional constructed homes as well as modular and approved "Solitaire type" mobile housing structures and will allow only horses and house pets, according to the developer, Mark Messenger in an earlier interview.

On Monday, commissioners took up the task of approving the addition for the second time because two weeks ago, they felt the covenants and restrictions for the addition needed to be spelled out in a more detailed format.

According to Riata Ranch spokesman and real estate expert Ira Smith, the housing addition will be very restrictive to assure people that their homes will retain their value and the living experience will continue to be pleasant for everyone who lives there.

Among other restrictions, there will be a design and construction review board that will be tasked to oversee and approve plans for construction.

Those construction guidelines include everything from how far back a home is constructed from the street, to the proposed appearance of the construction, how many stories a structure is permitted to have as well as a restriction that prevents people from using their property in a commercial endeavor, Smith said.

Other than house pets, the restrictions for Riata Ranch do not permit owners to breed animals for commercial reasons, and there are only two horses allowed per property, Smith said.

"His intent is that cosmetically, they want this to look good," Smith said.

In other business, all three Woodward County Commissioners took their yearly tour of the Northwest Oklahoma Juvenile Detention Center.

The center, located west of Woodward and is about 25-years-old, according to center director, Brian Newton.

Newton said the center presently has 10 detainees, all either awaiting transfer to a treatment facility or court. The facility is only for pre-adjudication detainment, not for "jailing" juveniles, Newton said.

The facility has two small wings, a north and south wing, which can be viewed from the control room situated in the center and offset to the east side of the facility.

The facility has cooperative agreements with several other counties to house juveniles and so not all the juveniles housed at present are from Woodward County, Newtons said.

Recent new purchases include new, better made mattresses, a newly enhanced door jam system that prevents someone from using brute force to open a locked door, Newton said.

Detainees are housed at night in individual cells and during the 12 hour day, participate in group counseling, schooling and other structured activities, Newton said.

During the facility tour, all 10 of the current detainees were attending school in the secured classroom, which is fitted with computers for classwork only, Newton said.

A central room, where detainees may sit and talk or watch television was sparse but clean and had basic seating. Half the room, where juveniles have meals, is tiled, while the other half is carpeted.

"We are hoping to get approved for new carpeting in here," he said while pointing to the navy blue carpet that sported a few stains and obvious spill marks.

"Other facilities have gone to painted concrete that has a sealant over the paint but we are asking to replace the carpet because if you ever have a situation where we have to retrain someone, it hurts both the staff and the juvenile on the concrete," he said.

Newton said the facility just received its most recent reissue of its yearly lice

DCP was approved by the commissioners to bore under a District 3 road with a six inch gas pipeline to connect two wells being drilled in the region.

Commissioners also approved the county cash fund estimate of needs and request for appropriations for January, which amounted to $293,733,01 for all three districts.