The Woodward News

April 28, 2012

State offering more transparency

Gary Engel
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — OKLAHOMA CITY - Officials with the Office of State Finance have announced the integration of the state's web site,, with federal datasets at

The finance office said having access to federal information through increases the transparency of state government by making it easier to collect factual data.

"The integration was more of a convenience than a necessity," said Mark Mitchell, general manager of "The process allows interested Oklahomans to have a one-stop location for both state and federal data."

Currently, there are 215 datasets created by state agencies via, in addition to the 5,249 datasets found on, OSF said.

To view them, go to and view the Federal Domains subheading on the left side of the screen. For Oklahoma-specific datasets, check the "this site only" link. Then, may be used to access the federal datasets.

Mitchell said this will allow the public and media to utilize state and federal information in several ways, including:

- Viewing and downloading raw statistics;

- Conducting research and analysis of datasets;

- Building applications to be used on websites;

- Embedding charts, maps and other information on websites and blogs.

"The site can be accessed through an internet-enabled device," Mitchell said.

You can contact Mitchell at (405) 524-3468, extension 120, or