The Woodward News

October 28, 2013

Women setting up group to help single mothers

Rachael Van Horn
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Two women who count themselves blessed want to pass those blessings on.

Kendra Trent and her sister Crystal Hethcote are nurturing a new organization called Contribute Woodward.

In its infancy, Contribute Woodward aims to be a resource for single mothers to help them access everything  from a babysitter contact or help finding a job, Hethcote said.

The foundation was born out of an attitude of gratefulness by Trent, who felt blessed by all of the support systems she experienced with her family and friends as she embarked on her own journey of single motherhood, Hethcote said.

“She just knows how really hard it is and felt so blessed by all the help she had,” Hethcote said.

To that end, the pair is taking baby steps in launching Contribute Woodward with simply building the beginnings of a data base that includes people who have or can connect Woodward single mothers with their needs.

Their first customer was turned onto the pair through Woodward Pregnancy Center, a local non profit, which provides pregnancy counseling services and assistance to young women who request their services.

“I think what they are doing is really good, it’s really a missing link in this process,” said Woodward Pregnancy Center Director Belva Mabra.

Already, the two young foundation upstarts are assisting their first single mom with ideas and contacts to help her find a job, Mabra said.

But other needs can be expressed as well, Hethcote said.

“Like, if they need a crib or if they need a baby sitter then what we hope is that those people who have those things to offer, will call us and we will put those women who have those needs in touch with the people who may be able to help,” she said.

For instance, recently, they had a local church donate the funds for a new crib.

Hethcote said the organization is filing for non-profit status and is in the midst of creating a bank account under the foundation’s name.

For now, the two just want to be able to put together people who have a need with people who can help them meet that need, Hethcote said.

For those who can assist with a variety of needs, such as babysitting, free job placement services, free tutoring for the GED test, gently used baby furniture, as well as even social clubs that focus on the needs of single mothers, email Hethcote or Trent at