The Woodward News

October 24, 2013

William S. Key escapees back in custody

Rowynn Ricks
CNHI News Service

Woodward, Okla. — FORT SUPPLY -- After more than a week on the lam, 2 escapees from William S. Key Correctional Center are now back in custody.

Law enforcement officials apprehended Dustin K. Flatt and David W. Mackey nearly 70 miles away from the prison.

Flatt and Mackey, who are both 31-years-old, escaped from the minimum security prison in Fort Supply on the evening of Oct. 14.

Officials at the prison said that early on there were few leads as to where the men might have headed after leaving prison grounds.

There were reports on Oct. 17 that the escapees might have attempted to steal a vehicle from the Public Works facilities on the east side of Woodward.  However, a search of the area by officials from the Woodward Police Department and Department of Corrections (DOC) officers and search dogs failed to find the men.

Finally, officials received another strong lead on Oct. 21.

"We got a call on Monday afternoon around 3:30 or 4 o'clock by a rancher who believed that he had just spoken to both of them over by the Gloss Mountains," said Linda Eike, warden's assistant at W.S. Key.

After receiving the tip, Eike said, "we immediately dispatched our teams to the area and local law enforcement agencies were notified as well."  This included deputies from the Major County Sheriff's Office.

"The teams stayed out all night Monday searching for the guys before our Internal Affairs Unit caught Flatt," Eike said.

Flatt was taken into custody around 11 a.m. on Tuesday, she said.  He was found somewhere in the area around the Gloss Mountains, which are located more than 60 miles to the east of the prison in Fort Supply.

After another day of searching, Eike said that Mackey was finally located by Major County deputies around 7:45 a.m. Wednesday near Orienta, which is another 6 miles farther east of the Gloss Mountains.

Once back in custody, Eike said the men were taken to the Woodward County Courthouse for arraignments on Wednesday afternoon as they each now face a felony count for escaping from the Department of Corrections.

She said Flatt and Mackey then returned to William S. Key where they will be kept "until they can be transferred to a higher security facility; they will be going on to maximum security."