The Woodward News

October 2, 2013

Event planned to honor Marines

Johnny McMahan
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Former Marine and current veterans advocate Tommy Nicholson is planning a special event to recognize those who served in the Marine Corps.

Nicholson is setting up a Birthday Ball on the birthday of the Marine Corp, Nov. 10 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Mooreland Senior Citizens Center.

"We will have a catered dinner and anyone who served in the Navy and Marines are welcome," Nicholson said. "We want to honor all Marines.”

Nicholson said he is hoping former Marines will wear their uniforms for pictures.

"We're planning on having a flag ceremony and everything and trying to get kids to come out and play the Marine Corps hymn," Nicholson said.

The Marine Corps was  established by the Continental Congress on Nov. 10, 1775 to serve as landing forces for the naval fleet.

The Continental Navy and Marines actually went out of existence for a time after the Treaty of Paris ended the Revolutionary Ward but the Corps was reestablished in 1798,

Marines participated in numerous actions during the War of 1812 and have been an integral part of American's military.

During the last third of the 19th century, Marines made numerous landings throughout the world. In World War I, Marines held a major role on the battlefield as they did in the Pacific campaign throughout World War II as the Corps grew to six divisions, five air wings and supporting troops.

And recognizing the service of those in the Marine Corps is a goal of Nicholson, who hopes to hold other events as well.

Nicholson said reservations are needed ahead of time so anyone who wants to attend needs to let him know by Oct. 15. Nicholson can be reached at 580-3340-8279, and you can also get with him for cost and for more information.