The Woodward News

February 11, 2014

Bids approved by county commission

Rachael Van Horn
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — After detailed tabulations on bids from a week ago were considered for numerous types of road materials Monday, Woodward County Commissioners approved the lowest bids on each item as it becomes necessary.

Commissioners also made a final decision on two bids that came in last week from Warren Cat Inc., and Yellowhouse Machinery Company of Enid regarding the purchase of three or more motor graders.

Commissioner Tommy Roedell made a motion Monday regarding the decision to choose the Warren Cat bid over the Yellowhouse bid.

He said considering some preferable aspects of the Cat 140 M2 model motor graders, as well as the buy back package included with them, they are the motor grader of choice.

"My motion would be for District one to purchase three of the Cat 140 M2s," he said.

According to Roedell, the money made from the sale last week of the four older, used motor graders will go to pay those off.

Payments on the new ones will average about $1,600 per month apiece, Roedell said.

In other business, commissioners discussed one deteriorating bridge, which is an overpass for the railroad. The bridge is located at Tangier where it crosses over Burlington Northern-Santa Fe railroad, according to Donnie Head of Circuit Engineering District 8.

According to Head, the bridge needs to be discussed because as the years go by, it is less and less able to handle certain weights. In just six years, the bridge has gone from being rated to handle eight tons to only five tons, Head said.

"When it gets to below three tons, we will just have to close the bridge," he said.

While it would be advantageous to simply fix the bridge, there is some level of disagreement over who has responsibility over the maintenance of the bridge, said District 3 commissioner Vernie Matt.

Matt moved to continue to work toward some kind of a joint effort between the railroad company and the county to work on the bridge.

Bridges over railroads require specific types of engineering and even if the county had that ability, there is no clear information regarding who owns the responsibility of that task. Matt said.

Commissioners also discussed the first phase - which is the application process phase - for the relocation of a Quinlan Rural Water line. The project is expected to cost about $500,000, Head said.

Commissioners opened sealed bids for tires from K&S Tire and Hercules Tires. District 2 Commissioner Randy Johnson moved to table that item to have those bids tabulated.