The Woodward News

October 11, 2012

WIF hears reports on education

Brandi Thomas
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Education was the focus of the Woodward Industrial Foundation's (WIF) monthly meeting, which was held Wednesday at the High Plains Technology Center.

Sue Mitchell, director of adult training and nursing at High Plains Technology Center; Dr. Deena Fisher, dean of NWOSU-Woodward; and Tim Merchant, superintendent of Woodward Public Schools, all presented the WIF board with reports on how their respective institutions were all doing.


Mitchell talked about several grants that have helped HPTC improve its different departments.

For example, she said the tech center earned grants that funded a firefighter training in June and a hospital training in May.

"We have also improved our nursing department with the addition of 2 mannequins that speak and will let you know if what you are giving them is making them better or potentially killing them," she said.

Mitchell also said that the tech center has the capacity to accommodate most of the needs for all of the businesses in Woodward.  If a business needs a certain type of industry or safety training course, she said they can usually get the course set up in just a matter of days.


Fisher gave a report on the current happenings at NWOSU.

She reported that there are now 4 full time staff members and 3 full time faculty members at the Woodward campus.

"We have added to our ITV studios and now have 9 that are available," Fisher said.

Fisher also listed all of the scholarships that are available and spoke about homecoming.

"We are very pleased to have the Woodward Marching Band in the parade this year and C. J. Montgomery will also be the MC for the event on Saturday," she said.

Fisher reported on Northwestern's high enrollment numbers, the donation of a new golf cart to escort people around campus and that next August will mark their 5 year anniversary.

"I want to thank the foundation for all that they have done for our campus over the years," Fisher said.


The foundation then heard a report from Merchant on Woodward Public Schools and an explanation on the postponement of the A-F Report card release by the State Board of Education.

Merchant showed a report on this years enrollment which showed how many students are enrolled in each grade, with a total of 2,868 students enrolled throughout the district. More than 750 of those students are enrolled in the Early Childhood Center alone, putting the facility "over capacity," he said.

He said that when the long range committee meets again on Nov. 15, they will be looking at how they can efficiently make room for the growing class sizes from Pre-K to 2nd grade.

Merchant also talked about homecoming festivities this week with the homecoming queen coronation taking place at 7 p.m. on Friday night at the game.


The Industrial Foundation Board  voted and approved to accept a new member, Terry Nelson.

In his report to the board, WIF President LaVern Phillips talked about the process OG&E is going through to get their transmission lines built.

OG&E Community Affairs Manager Mike Ruby said that they were hoping to have the lines in by 2017, but they are not sure when the actual construction will start.

Phillips also talked about another energy company's recent donations to area agencies and schools.  He referenced donations that Edison Mission Group, which operates 3 area wind farms, made to the Red Cross for disaster relief aid and to the Fort Supply Schools for their new ag building.

Phillips also said that he was proud of the leadership the city of Woodward had shown in dealing with the issues at Boiling Springs and was looking forward to what the Dunn Golf Group was going to bring to this course.

"The Dunn Golf Group has leased Boiling Springs and there are crews working as we speak on the greens," Phillips said.