The Woodward News

December 15, 2013

Airport issues top city agenda

Rowynn Ricks
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — The West Woodward Airport will be the focus of discussion during much of the Woodward City Commission meeting Monday at 7 p.m. in City Hall.

City commissioners will be both addressing future expansion at the airport and resolving past compliance issues.

The compliance issues were broached following an inspection by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in June 2012.  The issues primarily dealt with accusations that the city failed to properly compensate the airport for the use of certain property at the airport and for the removal of certain amount of milled asphalt.

Since receiving the FAA compliance report in July 2012, the city has been corresponding with FAA officials about how to address disputes over the various compliance matters.

Now the city is slated to consider a list of terms which the FAA has identified as acceptable to resolve all outstanding issues at the airport.  Those terms outline the following payments that the FAA believes the city should make as compensation to the airport:

• $20,115 to settle a dispute over several thousand tons of asphalt taken from a stockpile at the airport, with the money available for use toward maintenance and operations at the airport; and

• $158,514 as the current fair market value of former airport properties that were previously released to the city, but for which the FAA contends the city did not properly reimburse the airport for.  This money will be dedicated for Capitol Improvement Plan (CIP) projects at the airport.

After considering whether to accept these terms of resolution from the FAA, city commissioners will address 2 budget amendment transfers totaling $178,629, which would cover the payments to the airport to resolve the compliance issues.

But beyond trying to put these past airport issues behind them, the city commissioners will also look at ways to move forward with possible hangar expansion at the West Woodward Airport.

City commissioners are slated to consider adopting a 31-page contract form that would be used to establish 25-year lease agreements with persons interested in constructing private hangars at the airport.  The commissioners will also be addressing a proposed layout for locations of the potential new executive hangars.

In addition to these various airport matters, the city commissioners are slated to attend to a few annual performances including:

• receiving and filing the annual audit for Fiscal Year 2012-2013;

• renewing the professional agreement with Accurate Environmental Services which monitors the city's drinking water and wastewater treatment systems in exchange for a $2,000 monthly retainer fee;

• renewing the contract for economic development services with the Woodward Chamber of Commerce, in which the city pays the Chamber an $80,000 annual fee in monthly installments in exchange for the Chamber helping to promote new and expanded retail business in the city.