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May 6, 2006

Lesha Alvarez

Editor, The News

I am writing to give my opinion on the upcoming bond issue – I previously submitted two bond surveys from the newspaper, but I guess my ideas were not worthy of discussion because nothing is changing in the upcoming bond.

I would like to know why we need a huge new building for our pre-k and kindergarten program. If I had to send my four or five-year-old child to a building like that it would upset me – I can’t get the image out of my head of a bunch of cattle being herded into a huge feedlot. Why can we not open our neighborhood schools (Madison Park and Oak Park) if we are going to spend this kind of money for a new building. We could use that money to update and reopen the schools we have now.

We have kids getting on buses between 6:45 and 7 a.m. each morning to run all over town, ending up at middle school then sometimes changing buses to arrive at their own school between 7:35 and 7:45 a.m. when they have a school three blocks from their house. What happens if they miss their bus (which happens more than you think). Is there someone at their house to get them to school? I think we need to check on these absences and see how many are related to a missed bus.

If the kindergarten class is going to be all day let’s open and update the schools we already have and put kindergarten back with first through fourth grade. Then we could use Westwood for a pre-k center - having the whole center for a morning and afternoon session of pre-k. Which leads me to another point - all day pre-k – that is something I would never be in favor of. We are trying so hard to grow our kids up so fast for what reason? Four-year-old kids going to school for eight hours is crazy. I feel that would be more like a state-run daycare, which is guess is fine for parents who have their children in daycare all day anyway, after all that way daycare would be practically free for them.

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