The Woodward News

April 15, 2006

Editor, The News

Editor, The News

On behalf of Sheriff Les Morton, Undersheriff Monte Clem and the deputies of the Woodward County Sheriff’s Office, we wanted to sincerely thank the Northwest Oklahoma community for supporting the Sheriff’s Office on the Woodward County landfill excavation project.

The response to the request for assistance on this project has been overwhelming, thanks in part to the publicity given to the event by the Woodward News, Omni Communications and Classic Communications in Woodward. I am pleased to say that most of the supplies and equipment needed at this time have been received. We are still accepting monetary donations through the Woodward County L.E.P.C. and will continue to be accepted throughout the duration of this event. As a reminder, all donations are tax deductible and will be used for the excavation as much as possible.

Monetary donations will be used for such expected expenses as food, water and supplies, and unexpected expenses which have and will continue to come up. The donations received so far have helped to prevent us from using community tax dollars and from using depleted disaster funds from emergency management and Red Cross accounts (which may be needed for future fires, weather events or other emergencies in the area). The donations have brought relief to those concerned about how we were to fund the excavation period which could last weeks to months.

A story shared with me by Mr. Williams of Omni Communications regarding how this incident has personally affected him and his staff is reflected by all of us in Northwest Oklahoma. From a law enforcement perspective, we just want justice served to those involved. From a personal perspective, we want closure, and more importantly, to find this innocent little boy and if the situation warrants, to give him a proper and respectful burial.

A list of all those who have helped with this project has been released to the Woodward News and they have graciously agreed to publish that list. There is very little we can do as a County to thank all of those who have assisted and who will in the future, but this is one small way we can do so.

On behalf of Woodward County Commissioners Vernie Matt, Ralph Triplett and Ted Craighead, and Sheriff Morton, Undersheriff Clem and the Woodward County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, may God bless our great community for standing behind us in this difficult time and may He be with us as we do all that we can to find Logan. If the worst-feared scenario is true, then I’m sure that he is looking down on us all shedding tears of pride for our community instead of tears of suffering that he may have encountered while he was with us for those all-too-short six years of his life.


Matt Lehenbauer, Director

Woodward City/County Emergency Management