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February 23, 2006

Editor, The News


Mr. Stephenson is the “Voice of the Boomers” and I take it very personally when he is so publicly criticized. Mr. Sunderland issues his complaints about “the school” PA as if it is an entity. It is not, it’s a person and his name is Bryan Stephenson and he is my friend and colleague. He is much loved and well-respected by our entire Boomer family.

If Mr. Sunderland disagrees with his style, he should have spoken to him personally rather than make a public complaint. I find this unbelievably rude. Bottom life . . . Bryan Stephenson and is style of public address is enjoyed by players and students at Woodward High School and, after all, that’s who it’s all about . . . isn’t it?

Mary Servis

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Letters to the Editor