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February 22, 2006

Ed Dowty, Drama Club sponsor

Editor, The News

We at Woodward High School are blessed to have many “unsung heroes” among our ranks.

One of the most beloved and respected is Bryan Stephenson. I would like to go on record as identifying myself as one of his biggest and most appreciative fans. This past weekend our Drama Club performed our spring play, Murder by Indecision. In order for the play to be performed as well as possible, many hours of work and rehearsals had to have been invested into the play. In this particular play, one of the most critical aspects was proper light setting and cues, as well as the sound system working properly.

I do not possess the proper and necessary technical expertise, nor do any of my crew members, therefore we call on Mr. Stephenson for assistance. He was more than happy to help us out, even though it meant meeting with us several hours after school for no extra pay other than the heart-felt gratitude of our cast and crew. Mr. Stephenson not only unselfishly donated his time to help set the lights and train the light crew, but was at both performances an hour and a half early to get the sound board set and then stayed with the crew to make sure the technical aspects went as smoothly as possible throughout the play.

If I were the only teacher-sponsor that benefited from this unselfish and benevolent attitude, that would be great. However, I know that every sponsor and active club in the school has been the beneficiary of his magnanimous character and willingness to make himself available to whoever needs his expertise.

He works at every rehearsal and performance when any and every organization is making a public presentation and the only compensation he gets is the satisfaction of knowing he has been helpful for the students that he loves. An example of that is that even as I am typing this article, he is in the auditorium working with each individual act in our upcoming talent show. That means that multiple light and sound chances will be made throughout the show and guess who will man the board during each rehearsal and performance? Right, our gracious Mr. Stephenson.

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