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February 17, 2006

Bill Sunderland

Editor, The News

I had the pleasure of attending a Class A Regional Basketball Playoff game between Pioneer-Pleasant Vale and Cimarron at Lahoma on Saturday night. I saw a very closely contested and exciting game which Pioneer-Pleasant Vale won by the score of 39-32 to win the regional.

The game was made doubly enjoyable because we weren’t forced to listen to some egomaniac screaming into the public address microphone or listen to a CD player blaring out at double the decibels that will cause hearing loss every time out.

I have followed and supported Woodward High School sports for years and have enjoyed watching our high schoolers play their hearts out, win or lose. We are fortunate to have a great bunch of young people attending WHS and representing our school all over the state in various sports programs.

While attending high school basketball games at Woodward field house this year, it has been necessary to wear ear plugs to be able to withstand the auditory onslaught that prevails at these games. I am aware of the popular saying, “If it’s too loud, you’re too old.” That will probably be someone’s answer to this letter, however I talked to a number of people of all ages who agree with me.

After the introduction of players and the singing of the National Anthem, it is not necessary that we even have a public address announcer. The patrons in attendance have enough basketball savvy that we don’t have to be told that Ashley Jantz hit a THREEEEEEEEE!

I can understand where a PA announcer may be necessary at Lloyd Noble Fieldhouse or Gallagher-Iba Arena in order to keep the crowd in the game. I have seen some very exciting basketball played in our high school gym and the crowd and the pep club is always in the game creating enough noise to keep our teams playing at the top of their game.

Please, school administrators either tone down this clown on the PA system or eliminate it altogether.

Bill Sunderland

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