The Woodward News

November 4, 2013

Northwest Inn offers new look for Travelers

Rowynn Ricks
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Situated on one of our community's major intersections at 1st Street and Williams Avenue, the Northwest Inn wants to be a welcoming site for visitors to Woodward.

That's why the hotel has spent the past 5 years renovating both inside and out to create a more inviting feel, according to General Manager Steve Kohl.

“First of all we wanted to enhance this corner because we are at an entrance to Woodward; for many this is where they feel like they are first in Woodward, at this intersection,” Kohl said. “We also wanted to create more or less a friendly, inviting inn.”

He said the hotel began its remodel in 2008 as part of a “5-year plan,” starting with the guest rooms which were fitted with “all new case goods, including furniture and carpeting.”

Then the interior work continued with renovations to the lobby and the hotel's restaurant, The Grille, he said. Local designer Kristen Meliza with Meliza Interiors created the stone walls inside the restaurant.

It was from that stone design that the hotel and gsb inc. architectural firm from Oklahoma City drew inspiration for the final layer of renovations on its exterior, Kohl said.

“The theme was to extend from the stone in the restaurant and bring that to the outside, which we did to tie it all together,” he said.

The stone was used to wrap architectural columns added to the inn's exterior in combination with new siding and exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS) to give the hotel more of a bungalow style, a press release stated.

According to the press release, “It was agreed that a bungalow architecture would be a beautiful new direction for the remodel because it would bring a very recognizable and comfortable feeling to the hotel that was a distinct contrast to the previous modern style.”

Kohl said he believes that everything about the remodel, even down to the natural colors and earth tones used on the new exterior paint help to give the Northwest Inn “that warm, comfortable and inviting feel.”

In addition, he said the renovations have given the inn a much needed facelift.

“It's a 30-year-old building that we needed to bring up to date; it was just time,” he said.

And all the changes have been well-received.

“The feedback from our guests and the community has been all positive,” Kohl said. “A lot of people have said it looks like a totally new building that's been put up.”

But it's not just the exterior that guests have been pleased with.

Kohl said that guests have also been enjoying some new additions inside the inn's atrium area, which have also helped to give the hotel an even more comfortable and friendly feel.

These additions include rocking chairs, water fountains, and even a miniature golf course.

“The waterfalls help to provide a little atmosphere, gives a little background noise to the atrium, so it's not just a dead space,” Kohl said, noting that guests can sit in the new rocking chairs and enjoy the ambient sounds of the fountains.

The mini golf has also helped to liven up the area, particularly since before it was installed “it was all just open area,” he said.

Kohl said the mini golf has made a great addition to the other games offered by the hotel, which include shuffle board, pool, foosball, and ping pong tables.

“For the oil and construction workers who stay here, it gives them something else for them to do in the evenings, as well as for our family reunion groups and of course families who stay with us on weekends,” he said. “It just helps to make it a real family-friendly hotel with all the other activities.”