The Woodward News

August 14, 2012

Sculpture replaces tree in family's yard

Brandi Thomas

Woodward, Okla. — When Mike and Laura McGinnis moved to Woodward in March of 2012, one of the things that drew them to their new home in Boiling Springs Estates was the large elm tree in their front yard.

Unfortunately the tree, which was close to 100 years old, recently fell over due to rot and the family had to have the tree cut down.

"We wanted to put something up in its place," Mike McGinnis said.

Having lived in Edmond prior to moving to Northwest Oklahoma, the family had gained an appreciation for public art such as sculptures.  The City of Edmond has a number of public sculptures, even including a miniature version of the Statue of Liberty.

McGinnis said he learned the City of Woodward also has its own Visual Arts Commission which seeks to promote art in public places.

Taking this idea of public sculpture for inspiration, he said, "I talked to friend in Edmond about what we could place on the stump of the tree and he suggested that we look online to find an artist to make us something."

But it turned out that the perfect piece wasn't online, but rather at an Oklahoma art gallery.

While having dinner with his wife one evening in the Paseo District of Oklahoma City, McGinnis said they came across a gallery that was exhibiting outdoor sculpture.

"We saw this piece at the gallery and asked about it," he said of the almost 7-foot abstract piece with it's bright blue curved lines and spheres that caught their eye.

"It was originally to go to Oklahoma City to their parks department, but they changed their minds on the color of the sculpture, so the artist, Collin Rosebrook of the Paseo Gallery, called us up and said that it was ours," McGinnis said.

The sculpture, which is titled "Evolution, Winds of Change," now sits on top of the 4 foot stump of the McGinnis' old elm tree.

But while the sculpture is on private property, McGinnis said he feels that it will offer plenty of public enjoyment.

Since their house is located along the drive to Boiling Springs Golf Course, he said, "I really think it will slow traffic down headed to the golf course now" as people stop to admire the work of art.