The Woodward News


October 9, 2006

One of the good guys

Two weeks ago I was looking forward to the first week of October. I love fall and there are so many things going on . . . Field station dedication was Monday, the Governor in town on Wednesday, on Thursday the dedication of the Lowrey Park, Friday the plans to our Northwestern campus being announced.

What a GREAT week for Woodward I kept thinking – then tragedy happens.

It doesn’t matter if you know someone personally or just know of them when sad things happen. Either way it happens to all of us. You feel so sad and helpless for the families and for co-workers and friends. A lot of our co-workers are part of our families because we spend so much time with them.

It must be my age but I do read obituaries whether I know the person or not. I am consoled in someway when I read of a life that ended at 94, or 86, because I think about what a wonderful life they had. I don’t like to read the young obits of 50, 40 years of age or even younger – no one does.

When things like this happen I always think of what my mother told me when I was young and you probably heard it too – tragedy happens in 3’s. I thought the first of the week was so sad and I couldn’t shake what my mom used to say, and I prayed please don’t be true don’t let us have another sad thing happen to our little community.

Then I get a call from a dear friend about Monty Clem – and Monty I knew personally. I have known Monty for a long time but really got to know him through the sheriff’s department and in investigations that we covered here at the paper.

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