The Woodward News


August 30, 2005

Brown a carving artist.


“I have an appreciation for all types of wood work and carvings,” Brown said.

Brown has a deep knowledge of Indian history not only of around the Woodward area but across the nation as well. He also has an extensive arrowhead collection which he has gathered over a lifetime in the southwestern United States, which includes jobs in a uranium mill, refrigerator serviceman, pipelines in West Texas and a refinery technician for Phillips.

“I love just taking off through the woods and hills around here and just seeing what I can find,” Brown said.

Due to recent illness Brown doesn’t get to go out as much as he would like to but he continues to be a lover of the outdoors which he shows through his carvings on his canes and staffs.

He continues to work on new projects every day and when called upon is always willing to make an artistic master piece for numerous organizations here Woodward as well as for the museum.

Brown said, “ I plan on donating a piece to the National Rifle Association banquet in September. It is a cane with many carvings on it and I have also scripted the Second Amendment on it.”

Brown, a Buffalo High School graduate, is also a veteran and served in Korea.

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