The Woodward News


August 24, 2005

New principal plans to get WCA’s name out in community.

A new principal has taken the reins this year at the Woodward Christian Academy.

Emma Dirks, who has been living in Woodward the past eight years, has now stepped up to lead the small school located in the western part of the city

“I really believe in this school and I am determined to get our name out more in the community. Many people do not realize that we are here in Woodward and that there is an another choice for education here in town,” Dirks said.

Dirks grew up in Tampa, Fla. until age 15 when she moved to Scott City, Kan. She met her husband right after high school graduation and obtained a degree in elementary education from Southern Baptist University in Missouri.

“My grandfather during the great depression traveled across Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma buying utility companies that were about to go out of business. He would build them back up and then sell them back to the city the company was in. He did this except for one which he kept, which was located in Scott City where I eventually moved to. I later realized that my family had many ties in Oklahoma,” Dirks said.

Dirks moved to Woodward when her husband Jason was called to be the pastor at Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church.

“I have been a stay at home mom these past few years but when the opportunity came for me to begin working here I knew this was something I could not pass on.” said Dirks.

Dirks has four children, and three attend Woodward Christian Academy. The children are in seventh grade, fourth grade and kindergarten. The fourth child is two.

As for her educational philosophy Dirks said, “I believe most children are not pushed to their fullest ability, we expect less from them in today’s society so they give us less. If we will continue to believe in our children and push them to be the very best they can be, then they will be.”

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