The Woodward News

August 6, 2010

Mayor's Message: Strong start to Fiscal Year locally

Bill Fanning
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward started the new fiscal year with a very positive sales tax increase.  July receipts came in $125,000 higher than last year, which is a 13.5 percent increase.  This is the first increase in sales taxes for the past year and a half and gives our city an optimistic future.  Hopefully this trend will continue.

 Work has started on the new water system improvements with the drilling of 6 new water wells for the city.  Hydro Resources will drill 24 hours per day, with 2 crews to complete this project by January 2011.  We want wells 18 to 19 to be online by Sept. 1 in order to be ready for Terra International when they ramp up production this fall. Cline Consolidated of Woodward will lay the pipe to connect the new wells to our system.  This $3.6 million project is off to a good start with the help of Myers Engineering.  Woodward is truly blessed to have an abundant source of water.

Congratulations to the Woodward Elks for a truly great 80th annual Elks Rodeo.  They saw large crowds during both Friday and Saturday night performances.  The cowboys and the entertainment were great.  If you attended the Friday rodeo performance you heard that Melvin Nix was celebrating his 96th birthday.  Melvin has been to 75 straight years of Elks Rodeo. He missed the first 5 years of the rodeo and has not missed a year since 1935.  Congratulations Melvin!

 On a sad note, we recently lost the best football player Woodward has ever produced.  Bob Fenimore has been a football legend for years and he was proud to claim Woodward as his hometown.  He will be missed.

 Progress continues to build in town with the recent ribbon cutting for both Maurice’s, which moved into a new store, and for Braum’s, which built a new wonderful building.  The Braum’s family was in town last week and was` impressed with our community.  A recent rezoning will now allow for the construction of a new Dollar General Store.  Hopefully this momentum will continue.

 Our newly remodeled Crystal Beach Park continues to gain attention. The July/August 2010 edition of Aquatics International features 11 water parks in the United States and Singapore, and on page 28 is a wonderful article on our Crystal Beach Aquatic Center. This Dream Design Showcase highlights the “Best of the Best” projects and we are proud to be one of them. The article talks about the “green” features built into our facility, such as recirculating water, and the 100 percent recyclable stainless steel and plastic components. Wow, now our Aquatic Center is internationally recognized.

 And finally, congratulations to coach Mike McDonald and the Woodward Travelers for winning the state tournament, at our new Fuller Ball Park.  Winning over 50 games is amazing.  And congratulations to the Minors who had a great season as well.

I was glad that Woodward’s own Braden Todd hit a key home run in the championship game of the tournament.

 School is about to start, so be sure to watch the crosswalks for excited students.  I will keep you informed as progress continues in our great city.  Woodward is becoming recognized by out-of-towners and they always comment about how friendly our people are.  

Way to go citizens of Woodward! I am proud of all of you

Bill Fanning mayor of the city of Woodward.